Hello. Thank you for taking an interest in my campaign. My name is John Foust and I am running for re-election to represent the Dranesville District on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. The election will be held on November 3, 2015.

My wife, Dr. Marilyn Jerome, and I have lived in Fairfax County for over 32 years. We have enjoyed the wonderful parks, neighborhoods and quality of life in this community and that is why we chose to raise our sons, Matthew and Patrick, here.


Strengthening Our Economy 

Both Marilyn and I grew up in “rust belt” towns so we know the hardships families and communities suffer when their local economies are depressed. Living in Fairfax County, we have also seen and experienced the many benefits of working and raising a family in a region with a strong and growing economy. As Chairman of the Fairfax County Economic Advisory Commission, I led the effort to develop a strategic plan that will help us strengthen, diversify and grow our local economy. 



Investing in Our Future

I am also working with the community to plan for and provide the roads, transit, schools, parks and other resources needed to support our economy and protect our quality of life. I am an advocate for policies that balance growth with available infrastructure, reduce congestion, support public education, protect our environment and provide essential services to the most vulnerable members of our community.



Fiscal Management

Balancing Budgets while Delivering Essential Services

During my first two terms in office, I have dealt with the significant fiscal challenges caused by the Great Recession. As Chairman of the Board of Supervisors’ Audit Committee and Vice Chairman of the Board’s Budget Committee, I have worked to make County government more efficient and accountable to the taxpayers. Through the Great Recession and its aftermath, I have worked hard to keep the tax burden on homeowners affordable while protecting the County’s Triple A bond rating and ensuring that critical programs and services are funded. 


communityListening to You

As always, I look forward to meeting with you, listening to your ideas and concerns, working for you and being your advocate. I believe you deserve to have a voice in determining the kind of community you live in. As your Supervisor, I will continue to make sure you always have a meaningful opportunity to influence decisions that impact your community before they are made.

Thank you for the honor of allowing me to serve you and all the residents of the Dranesville District. As you study my record, I hope you will conclude that I have earned your support as I seek re-election as the Dranesville District Supervisor.